About Us


Unapologetic Cosmetics was established in 2018 with one girl named Elizabeth Rose and a huge passion to share her creativity with the world through product creation. She made it her mission to provide high quality, unique products for those who loved to make a statement.

How it all began

Makeup has been a huge passion of mine for a long time. Whilst my final year of university was approaching in 2017, I had no idea what I wanted to pursue as a career and thought working as a makeup artist was the only role to suit me – being that I love makeup. But this idea never excited me. In my free time I began making pressed glitters. I bought all the ingredients and supplies needed and spent hours upon hours after my classes mixing glitters to create the most perfect shades. And that’s when I discovered my true passion. It wasn’t to work within the artistry side of makeup, but to create it.”

Fast forward to 2018, Unapologetic Cosmetics was created. There was a huge gap in the industry when it came to luxury, cruelty free eyelashes and this is where Unapologetic Cosmetics decided to step in. Here you will find the highest quality, 100% vegan and cruelty free eyelashes made from advanced synthetic silk fibres that closely mimic the feel and look of mink eyelashes – without involving real mink fur.

Extensive research and testing has gone into creating the most perfect fluffy lashes with longevity. Unapologetic Cosmetics is proud to also be the first brand to introduce 4D strip lashes into the beauty industry. 4D lashes are the latest advanced development in eyelash technology that provide ultimate volume and glamour, whilst blending seamlessly with your natural lashes.

The future of Unapologetic Cosmetics

All of the products here at Unapologetic Cosmetics are created with pure passion and I hope that you love all of the products. This is just the beginning of Unapologetic Cosmetics. My goal is to create products that make people feel beautiful and empowered when they have them on their skin. As a brand, Unapologetic Cosmetics is fun, colourful and all about breaking the rules. I hope that this inspires you all to get creative with your looks and step out of your comfort zone, as I believe makeup is a form of art and we should express ourselves.”

Be Unapologetic. Be You.